The main characters in this story are Kalina and Victor, two young hearts who have found their way to one another without ever seeing their eyes!
Their story is wonderful as they themselves, and I’m glad the pictures I shot will be told to them through the eyes of their parents, friends, and one day their children too!

It’s hard to describe their love in words because it’s different from everything I’ve ever met. I’ve had hundreds of weddings, but I’ve never felt such strong feelings between two people. The way they touched, hugged, laughed, and wept made me think about how, although God took away their sight, he gathered them together because they were born for each other.

The newlyweds had taken care of the date 9 September 2018 to be well remembered by all their guests, for the bride went down to her lover through the fifth floor balcony, riding a horse, and for a while flying with a paratraw, but the time was not on their side. Besides, they married their most faithful companions – the dogs, Karma and Idalgo, who had previously been pleased to swim in a swamp..

To make this wedding so beautiful and memorable in her organization was the participation of many wonderful and talented colleagues I will try to enumerate by apologizing in advance if I missed someone:

Photographer: Tsvetelina Deliyska
Assistant: Boryana Deliyska
Video: Video Joro, Georgi Ivanov
DJ: Nayden Naydenov
Weddind design: Joana Tomova
Location: Prikaznata gradina
Catering: Iliqna Koteva
Wedding dress: Paloma Fashion
MUA: Кирил Гуцов
Hair: Stoyan Zelensky

The boys from Alma Alter’s band, as well as the great trio of Nevena Tsoneva, Boris Soltariyski and Gamzata, have taken care of the pleasant guests!