It’s great when my work as a photographer meets me with such talented performers as Elena Brusarska and Miryan Kostadinov. I got my first impression of their performances at the Koto bar, where they both participated. In one of the pauses we talked and Eli told me that besides singing loves photography too. So from word to word we had an arrangement and soon we realized a wonderful photo session. It took place in the luxury family complex Hasienda Residence, and during the filming I again had the opportunity to enjoy their wonderful performances. Even before we made the photo session, I was sure that Eli and Miryan are an excellent combination and an opportunity for many newlyweds to diversify their wedding day with nice music.

The beautiful face of Elena Brusarska is known from different channels. Many associate her with her work as a lead and PR of various events and artists, but for most of that she is the vocal of the cult bulgarian hip-hop group Ice Cream. She just sang the biggest hit in the band’s discography – “Zahir,” which has become a hit in recent years. In 2014, Elena is also the winner of the Yearly Music Hip Hop Awards in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, winning the “Group of the Year” award. In 2015 the gentle vocals left the band and started their own career, starting with the song “Do not ask”.

Miryan Kostadinov gains prominence in front of the Bulgarian audience with his participation in X factor. He became one of the teenagers’ favorites. Everything starts much earlier and much farther. Graduate of “fine art and design” in England, his musical development starts off the rainy island. He made several shows at London clubs as well as local festivals for pop and rock music in Sheffield and Leeds, Huddersfield. Apart from his unique vocal capabilities and personality in performances, Miryan also plays guitar, making it even more attractive to the music scene.

In 2016, their work as a musician meets them in the presence of a prestigious event, where they go together on stage for the first time. After their successful performance and positive reactions to the audience, the two performers decided to launch a joint musical project, which is now successfully developing and attracting interest among the connoisseurs of quality world music. On the scene, Miryan and Elena present covers of popular pop, rock and arnd songs under the sounds of acoustic guitar and piano. Their songs, well known on the Bulgarian music scene, are also in their repertoire. Besides herself, Elena and Mirjan also have duet performances, the sound of which fits perfectly in the spirit of their overall program.