This year I had the honor and the pleasure to participate in an extremely interesting project by the invitation of my dear friend florist Joana Tomova. Our joint work turned out to be a pleasent and fun adventure, and the result was more than a great and it`s already a fact – 14-sheet calendar for 2019 under the motto “Real men and flowers are always in vogue”.

I have shot some of the best and most successful photographers, videographers, florists and makeup artists in the wedding industry who are fond of being “behind the scenes”. Each of them posed in the company of specially selected natural flowers.

The official presentation of the calendar took place on December 20, 2018 in Factory 126 at a secret party only for selected ones. The event was attended by many photographers, videographers, florists, stylists, DJs, wedding agents and close friends. Our guests had fun with the DjPro team, the performances of Elena Brusarska and Miryan Kostadinov, and the mood was glowing red with the hot dances of Expose Team. All attendees witnessed a specially prepared “behind-the-scenes” video that illustrated the whole process of filming and preparing the calendar, and the “models” were greeted with stormy ovations and barely able to distribute autographs to all. Thank you warmly to Georgi Chakarov from, who took care of printing the another surprise, a mini exhibition with the photographs of the calendar, which we had the pleasure to enjoy in a separate hall. The impeccable vision of me and Joana is the work of fashion house Paloma Fashion and make-up artist Kiril Gutsov, and for the perfect running of the whole event, the organizer Teddy Nikolova from Tekama agency and of course Joana Tomova.

And now is time to present the most important – the 12 boys who have trusted us and will adorn the walls of many women’s homes next year!

Mr. January – Dimitri Stefanov
An extremely talented photographer, very impulsive and different, always honest in his work as well as live.

Mr. February – Ivelin Iliev
He was also the first “model” to get involved in our project, which we are very grateful for. A photographer with many international awards and his own unique style of work, a man I appreciate not only as a colleague but also as a friend.

Mr. March – Daniel Tendjerkov
Danny is one of the most successful and talented young florists in Bulgaria. Owner of 6 flower shops in Veliko Tarnovo, he always surprises with his challenging arrangements.

Mr. April – Plamen Bijev
He is young and talented, he is one of the best in the industry and he bravely creates his own unique cinematic style. Always smiling and positive person!

Mr. May – Nikolay Nikolov
Niki is the only one we both did not know personally, but he immediately accepted our invitation to take part in the project. We both knew Niki only through his work, which is extremely influential because he is one of the most skillful and creative videographers in Bulgaria.

Mr. June – Kiril Gutsov
An extraordinary professional with a brush in hand, Kiril can transform every lady into a real wild! Excellent make-up artist with very fine taste to detail, very positive and really hearty!

Mr. July – Martin Rabotilov
Marty is part of the team of Joana Tomova, and once she chooses him to be a person for the month of June I am convinced of his talents as a professional at a level!

August – Tzvetan Ivanov
Tzvetan is a key figure in the photographic circles because he is the sales director of one of the world’s largest photographic and video store chain Photosintesis! I respect him very much and appreciate the ease with which he is working!

Mr. September – Kostadin Rusinov – Lansky
Besides being a talented photographer, Kosyo is the man with the most interesting look and great hair, of which I noblely envy him! We are grateful to him for taking us to his studio where we shot some of the photos.

Mr. October – Hristo Lazarov
Hristo is a colleague I have known for many years and I know how much he develops and invests in his constant training and improvement. This constant striving for new knowledge puts him at the forefront of wedding cinematography at the moment, because he makes a real family art cinema!

Mr. November – Daniel Petrov
I’m sure many women will not have the patience to come this month 🙂 He has a magnetic look, a sharp mind and an even more sharp tongue. Charming to a shame, but a serious and true professional, Danny heads the Sofia office of my favorite photo printing company, Image Print Club.

Mr. December – Vladi Balevski
What a better end of the year than my colleague whose name is talkes for himself – one of the most successful and good wedding photographers in Bulgaria. Vladi has always done a lot for the development of the wedding photography in Bulgaria, for which I highly appreciate and respect him. A great speaker and a real professional in his field!


The calendar comes in size 33×48 cm, printed on a matt coated paper with a selective varnish on the cover. If you want to get it, do not miss to contact me or Joana Tomova! We will be glad if our work has given you pleasure!

For the detailed reportage from the event on the official presentation of the calendar, I would like to thank my colleague Emo Kolev from HiLife!